Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Reasons Men Pull Away and How to Deal With Them

The feeling of your man withdrawing from you is quite hurtful. It disturbs you like hell and can also drive you mad. And the worst part is the fact that women would also often ask, "What is wrong?". The answers actually depend upon the situation you're in. Here are three factors why men pull away and how to deal with it:

Men need a break.

Admit it. Women also have the tendency to become controlling and nagging freaks. Once they officially get together with the guys, they can also become clingy. They want to spend every hour of the day with their guys. This could suffocate the guy. The fact that women become like investigators trying to find their boyfriends' whereabouts and whom they are with could just be irritating. Look, they need to be with other people, too, just like you. If you're always together, the tendency is that you guys would soon get tired of each other. Try to stop texting him once every two seconds and make it a point to have time by yourself once in a while. Time out doesn't mean you have to break up with him. It means you have to let him have some time of his own. He could spend it with his friends or with siblings. He needs it.

Men hate pressure.

Men are also quite susceptible to feeling pressured when in a relationship. It is odd because women feel otherwise. The ladies usually feel happy and light hearted when they are with the man they love but the impact of being in a relationship to a man is different. Scientific studies have also shown that when men bond with women, the production of the Oxytocin hormone is increased. This lowers the testosterone level and makes the man feel stressed. And there's only so much pressure a man can take. Sometimes, the seriousness of the relationship becomes a tough burden. This makes him pull away from you. During this period, the best thing that you can do is to make him feel comfortable. This could mean you need to just let him drift away and have some time of his own. Wait for a while until he figures things out and accept him when he comes back. This doesn't make you a loser. It even proves your love for him.

Men hate losing their masculinity.

Some women would also want their men to be extra sweet and mushy. However, when men sense they're losing that masculine energy, they pull away. This isn't because of pride or anything. It's just their thing and it's important for them to maintain it. This is one vital reason why men pull away and dealing with it in the proper way is a must. Just be sensitive.

Men have really weak spots in them. Understanding why men pull away and knowing how to deal with it is an excellent way of keeping your relationship healthy and alive.

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