Monday, January 16, 2012

Some Tips to Help You Resolve Conflicts

Conflicts that take you by surprise are some of the most difficult types of conflicts to cope with. It can absolutely come as a shock out of nowhere. Once you recover from such a slap in the face, and your heart rate decreases, then your typical response is to blame yourself for whatever reason place the absolute blame on the other person. Then besides deciding who is at fault, you try to figure out what you should next.

Regardless of who is to blame and what caused the conflict to arise, any type of conflict is time consuming and may inconvenience your life while it is unresolved. It is all about casting blame to supply justification for our behaviors or actions. Unresolved conflicts can drive a person crazy. We lose sleep, have troubles focusing, feel sad, and cease to function entirely. Conflict is difficult on our emotions, thoughts, spiritually, and physically. So it is best to resolve conflict as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Here are some tips to help you manage your conflicts and resolve them as easily as human possible:

    Take a deep breath: Breath in and out for a few moments and consider what your emotions are telling you. You may feel sad, unbalanced, unworthy, angry, or frustrated. Face your emotions, but do not be too quick to act out of rage. Usually if you consider the source, then you will be able to better analyze the situation and make the best decision on how to resolve or tackle it.
    Think about long term ramifications: How every you decide to handle the conflict resolution, be sure to take into consideration the long term ramifications that could result of poor judgment and snap behaviors. Remember not to take is so hard. Allow yourself to rest, forget about it a little while, enjoy life a bit, and eat. You should not allow a major relationship conflict to stop you from living life and partaking in normalcy. Sometimes time is all you need into gain a greater perspective and for the initial shock to wear off.
    Take a minute before you react and think rationally: If you see red as the conflict unfolds, be sure to take some time to calm down. Count to ten. Remove yourself from the situation, momentarily. Pause. Acting out of immediate emotion can lead to bigger problems than the conflict itself. Instead, try to consider the other party by looking at the situation through their eyes. You may be able to understand better where they are coming from and why they are behaving the way they are by simply taking a few minutes to think about it and calm down.
    Think of positives: Dwell on positive affirmations and stay clear from the negativity which conflict can breed. Try to look at the good in the situation and make the outcome better by taking it as a learning lesson. Be thankful, use constructive criticism to become a better person, and at most talk it out like respectable human beings should.

Conflicts can make us to lose our clarity of a situation or even a person's position. The key to resolving conflicts and taking the good with the bad in life is to work everything out in light of a bigger picture. Just remember to implement these tips when you find yourself lost in the dismal depths of a major conflict, and you are certain to come out of the conflict being intelligently, emotionally, and mentally enlightened.

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